About WAHU

The Wisconsin Association of Health Underwriters is an association for the health insurance professional. Whether an agent, broker or consultant, WAHU represents those individuals engaged in providing products and services that help finance the cost of health care for Wisconsin consumers. 

WAHU works everyday to improve the health care and health care coverage industry for consumers. Through our legislative efforts, we have fought for the rights of consumers relative to costs and the ability to continue purchasing health care and the financing for it through the private sector.  We work hard to educate our membership so that WAHU members are the most qualified and educated health insurance professionals in Wisconsin. 

About the Agent, Broker or Consultant

WAHU health insurance agents, brokers and consultants are highly qualified professionals who are trained and experienced in guiding individuals and employers through the complexities of choosing appropriate, affordable health plans. These professionals must be licensed by the Wisconsin Office of the Commissioner of Insurance. An agent must complete continuing education every year in order to keep that license. Through WAHU, they keep abreast of new developments and standards in the health insurance industry, learn about new options that may better serve their clients, and, because they usually represent a number of insurance companies, can offer a wide range of options and alternatives. 

The independence of the agent offers a very important distinction in that their objective is to keep the client for a lifetime. Since the client can end the relationship at any time, the agent is motivated to help the client decide on the best possible plan for his or her needs, and provide ongoing service after the sale. 

WAHU believes that our members hold a unique position as an advocate for the health plan consumer and can be a valuable player in progress toward the right kind of health care reform. To that end, we have added a searchable database to our website where employers and employees alike can find agents who are WAHU members throughout Wisconsin. Our affiliated agents are uniquely able to provide the important information and education about health care and health insurance you need as a consumer. Our goal is to provide all Americans affordable, informed, and quality health care.

26 Years of Past Presidents

1982 Dennis Dewsnap
1983 Dennis Dewsnap
1984 Mary Lou Callahan
1985 Mary Lou Callahan
1986 Kyp Buth
1987 Jon Plamann
1988 Ernie Christian
1989 Tom Murphy
1990 Bob Gilray
1991 Ellie Rohrdanz
1992 JoAnne Burris
1993 Bob Diehl
1994 Bill Russell
1995 Al Campbell
1996 Tom Sanders
1997 Dan Schwartzer
1998 Gary Rogers
1999 Pat Ellis
2000 Dale Petretti
2001 Jim Vogel
2002 Ric Joyner
2003 Jeff Klett
2004 Dean M. Hoffman
2005 Katie Beals
2006 Jon Rauser
2007 Kent Schroeder
2008 Michael Derdzinski
2009 Al Wearing
2010 Fred Coan
2011 Bill Enright
2012 Kate Banchy
2013 Pete Frittitta
2014 Bob Heaps

2015 Chuck Jaeger

2016 John Zulegar

       2017 Christy L. Schwan